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This will be the second alchemy conference to be held in the UK.  Other conferences have been run on the topic of alchemy but usually from a purely academic perspective.  Our goals are simple:

- To help promote and preserve the sacred teachings and practice of the Hermetic tradition as it expresses itself in laboratory, magickal and theurgical settings;

- To create opportunities for seekers and practitioners alike to connect for learning and networking opportunities, whatever their skill level in spiritual or laboratory alchemy;

- To fulfil a need to bond and expand the existing UK alchemy community.

In 2022 our wish is that the event provides some much needed connection and community at a difficult time in the world.


Our conference continues in honour of and under the auspices of the patron saint of alchemists: Somerset native, once Abbot of Glastonbury, Archbishop of Canterbury, author and skilled alchemist - St. Dunstan. 


10% of all Ticket Sales Go Towards Charitable Reforestation Efforts in Britain.

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