Running Schedule*

*Please note that speakers and topics can be subject to change.

9.30am - Doors open.

9:45 - Opening Address.


10am-10:50 - Sian Sibley & Benjamin Turale:

 "Practical workshops - Soxhlet Extraction of Herbs and a Fast Spagyric"

Starting the day off, and throughout the day will be two practical demonstrations of alchemy processes. Sian Sibley will be demonstrating the use of a soxhlet extractor, which is a very easy piece of lab equipment to use in order to create your own herbal tincture​. Benjamin will be demonstrating the volatisation of Sal Ammoniac, a mineral salt special to alchemy, in the eventual creation later in the day of a unique 17th century spagyric formula.


11am-11:50 - Benjamin Turale:

"Why Antimony?  An Exploration of the Black Dragon."

This talk is an attempt to address a question many have who are not familiar with mineral alchemy - what is so great about antimony and why do alchemists always talk about it?  In this lecture, Benjamin will be giving an overview of some of the uses of antimony in alchemy since ancient Egypt.  The talk will feature images taken from the presenter's own work in the lab and the athanor, as well as some discussion of modern approaches to the use of alchemy in the Philosopher's Stone.

12 - 1pm - 1 hr lunch

1pm-2:50 - Sian Sibley:

"Of Animism and Alchemy: Plants as Deity."

Why does alchemy appear monotheistic when the majority of its developmental and magical work is based on the purification of plants and using that essence to purify the soul of the human?  What is the human soul and where does the anthropocentric idea, that the human soul is higher than the plant, come from? Why do we believe that? And why is it important that alchemists and magical workers from all aspects now come together as an ecological force and change the way that we think of ourselves in relation to the “other” humans on the planet.

2pm - 2:50 - Lenny Pedersen:

"The Philosopher's Stone of the Rosicrucians: The Cinnabar Path of the F.A.R.+C."

Lenny will be giving an broad overview of the 'cinnabar path'.  This is a very old and unique approach to the Philosopher's Stone that is mostly unknown outside of France and the order of the F.A.R.+C.  As such we are delighted to welcome him to the conference and to learn about this rare find in the alchemical world.

2:50 - 3:10 - Break

3:10pm - 4:00 - Dr. Robert Anderson Plimer:

"On Engaging Thoth and Sheshat."

Using a selection of hieroglyphic evidence, Bob will discuss how student practitioners who were initiated in the Egyptian ‘house of life’ (per-ankh) were then trained in both the theoretical and practical art of magick. The function and the methods employed were themselves closely related to the invocation of the gods Thoth and Seshat. Bob will also be speaking more broadly on ancient Egyptian alchemy and the alchemist Zosimos.

4pm - 5pm Speaker panel and door prizes.

All speakers will take the stage to field questions from the audience.  This is a chance for conference attendees to ask the presenters any questions - although strictly no questions about immortality, as requests for elixirs of life are often refused!  

Jokes aside, this is also where some very lovely door prizes will be given out to attendees that have been kindly donated by the speakers, including but not limited to books, elixirs and other occult objects of art. 

5pm - 6pm Vendors and networking. 

At this stage the conference is open to the general public free of charge to browse our many wonderful stalls.

6pm - Close.