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Presented here in alphabetical order:


Sorita D'Erste.

Devotee of Hecate | Author | Publisher | Magical Practitioner.

Sorita is an author and publisher dedicated to serving the Goddess of the Crossroads. Sorita runs the successful and well known publishing company, Avalonia Books, which has a wide ranging catalogue of books on all things occult. She is also a full-time mum living her dream of growing a fruity forest garden (with roses) on a hill in Avalon while serving a magnificent fluffy cat. She is looking forward to continuing her explorations of the Orphic Traditions and other mystery cults in Europe, Asia-Minor and North Africa through pilgrimage and old fashioned research for the forseable future.

Dr. Mervat Abdel Nasser.

Consultant Psychiatrist | Researcher in Egyptology | Writer

Founder and Director of New Hermopolis.

Mervat is a graduate of Cairo Medical School and fellow of the Royal college of Psychiatrists, London. She holds a master’s degree in philosophy and a doctorate in psychiatry from London University. She also has two diplomas in moral philosophy and the history of medicine.
She served as a clinical psychiatrist and university academic in England from 1977-2007. Her clinical practice focused on general adult psychiatry with special interest in the field of Culture and Mental health. She achieved international stature and reputation through her various publications on the interface between Mind and Culture.


She has as well a long-standing interest in Egyptology and has written on the subject in both the Arabic and English languages, including several books addressed to the young reader,
She took an early retirement from her job as a consultant psychiatrist and senior lecturer, Kings College London in 2007 and returned to Egypt to pursue her dream of establishing the project of New Hermopolis. She has since dedicated herself entirely to this cause.


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New Hermopolis

Dr. Robert Anderson Plimer.

Author | Esotericist


Robert Plimer was born in Edinburgh, then after a short stay in Egypt, he returned home to attend school in the city, before moving to the Scottish Borders. His degrees and postgraduate studies include Classics at Newcastle, Philosophy, Classics and Religious Studies at Surrey, Philosophy of Mind & Metaphysics at Oxford. After completing university, Robert spent the next 10 years as a professional Musician/Composer touring extensively both at home and abroad. Robert has taught Classics, Ancient History, Philosophy and Religious Studies for over 20 years. He has gained a thorough knowledge of both ancient and modern esotericism - especially regarding Graeco-Egyptian and Latin texts. As well as being a member of various occult groups and a lifetime member of the International Alchemy Guild; he also runs monthly seminars at the Phoenix Club on the Isle of Wight, lecturing on a variety of Occult subjects, including: Graeco-Egyptian Magick; Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Kabbalah, Tarot and other forms of divination; along with Alchemical theoria and praxis.


Published works include: a Four Volume series on Hermetic Philosophy; Decoding Alchemy; The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley - Theatrum Astronomiae Terrestris; The Philosopher’s Net (At the Still Point of the Turning World); The Night of Pan (based on Crowley’s Book of Lies and Thoth Tarot); The Flesh of Re and Chamber of Darkness explore initiation and the magical praxis associated with skrying the Egyptian Netherworld. He is at present completing the third book in this Typhonian inspired Trilogy.

Sian Sibley.

Witch | Teacher

Sian is a practicing witch who leads a coven in South Wales called DragonOak. Sian has been practicing for around 40 years now and have experience in running a coven for around 25 years.  She is currently studying for an MA in Spirituality and Ecology in University of Wales Trinity St David’s.  Sian has also recently completed a Post Graduate course in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy which includes a great deal of study on the Graeco Roman magical Papyri and the impact of astrology and star lore on cultures around the world.  At DragonOak she teaches traditional witchcraft, using toolmaking, astrology, herbalism, working with the PGM, Kabbalah, animism and working with the spirits of plants, genus loci and the dead. 

It has been Sian's honour to watch women from all walks of life come to DragonOakas fearful and shy and leave as wonderful strong and self-confident women, working powerfully either alone or in a group setting, whether magical or mundane.  She believes that magic is a means by which women particularly can become their best selves. 


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The focus of both personal and coven work for the past 7 years for Sian has been the relationship between the witch and the plant spirits.  DragonOak uses a combination of alchemical work and meditative sitting with the plant, and students find that plants have much to teach us on both a personal, ecological and spiritual level.  Sians loves conversation about this work and our hopes for the future of the green people and humans.

Benjamin Turale.

Alchemist | Sorcerer | Teacher


Benjamin first found his way into the Western traditions through a childhood fascination with ritual magick and the occult.  His father was a prospector, and this family legacy carried on to Benjamin in his pursuit of inner and outer gold, eventually findng his way to spagyrics and the practice of lab alchemy.  

Benjamin is the Director of the Temple of Mercury, a college offering both online and in-person training in the practice of lab alchemy and ceremonial magick.  The Temple serves a simple function: to help spread the Hermetic current in the modern world.  Benjamin also sells alchemical elixirs through the Temple shop to the general public that are made using traditional Hermetic methods.  Benjamin is known in alchemy circles for his crafting of the famed Aurum Potable or Oil of Gold, a powerful vitality medicine extracted from gold itself and many other powerful extracts from the herbal, mineral and animal kingdoms. Residing in Somerset, UK, Benjamin has organised many past events and training in the Western Occult Tradition, such as the previous 2018 Alchemy Conference in Glastonbury and is returning to create this conference. Benjamin also serves the International Alchemy Guild as Director of Education.

Benjamin also works as a transpersonal psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and university lecturer.  He has a degree in philosophy, diplomas in transpersonal therapy, art therapy, electronic music production, a masters of counselling and a diploma in Alchemy and Hermetic Science.

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